About CopyForFree


CopyForFree is a predictable consequence of a liberal and open minded education, technological enthusiasm and based on a free mind.

Public perception of the web tends to be only partial, thus seldom aware of the full potential of the technology so simply called world wide web.

Despite being a military development decades ago and based on fear (cold war) the web of now is more than the sum of its pieces.

Yes, there are dark corners ... and there are bright places - just like in life, but for the first time mankind has a voice, a forum for all people, to be spoken all over the world.

Sharing isn't about socialism or the doing of asocial people: it is - to put it simply - one of the most basic behaviour of all people: You share with family and friends, and you trade with others.

We try to categorize, organize but in the end it's all the same, whether we are trading ideas, food, weapons or music and movies (songs and stories at the campfire).

This defines what we are: social.

And I want to share through this website.

Feel free to help me, help yourself.

[ February, 26th 2012 ]