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finally I had some time to update the design to awesome responsiveness and keeping the looks as original as possible.


[ February, 28th 2017 ]



Hey guys! 

After some time with no update on this website, I just want to let you know that I'm working on a tutorial (How-to) for an affordable mediacenter based on a Raspberry Pi.

To keep it simple I will name the project simply

RasPi Mediacenter

You should know, I am not the first one - and most likely - not the last one to use the Raspberry Pi as a mediacenter. There are plenty of videos and tutorials around ... but ...

I've experienced that some people just don't want to digg too deep into the hardware and software fiddler world.
IMHO, this the easiest way to get quick, hassle-free results if you want: you don't need to be a nerd to have an awesome project.

It helps to know what a computer is, but I will try to keep the document easily understandable.
For those who want to know more, I'll link some references and detailed information and optional settings to get more control over your RasPi Box.

[ March, 3rd 2015 ]